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We believe that knowledge that has the power to change lives should be accessible.
Professional Game Development

The people behind Pro Indie Dev participates in several
initiatives to improve the condition of indie developers.

In our experience, the main problem that keeps indies from succeeding is lack of understanding of the strategic
that go behind successful games.

They copy superficial traits of these games, but fail to finish their projects or reach a significant audience because they don't understand the strategic context that made those traits work
in more successful games.

But we want more indies to thrive! That’s why in 2018 we organized the 1st Global Conference on Professional Indie Game Development:
The response was overwhelming, so every week we get out of the trenches of professional game development to share our experience with indies facing the same problems we all faced one day!
Why is it so important to learn the professional aspects of independent game development?

There's more people than ever making games - and that is awesome!

For us, games are the ultimate art form, and we celebrate the opportunity of experiencing such a breadth of interesting ideas and perspectives! <3

But when indies start chasing their dream, they start facing harsh real life challenges such as delays, anxiety, inability to get attention to their projects, lack of money, etc.

That’s where we veteran game developers can help!
How Pro Indie Dev helps indies get    professional results?

Pro Indie Dev happens through free lectures covering essential topics for indies who want to achieve professional results from their games. You can learn more about them here, or subscribe to them at bottom of this page.

Nowadays, indies face the added challenge of sorting through uninformed / contradictory advice on the internet. We aim to help with that too, by focusing on keeping it real and highlighting the approaches and techniques used by real professionals to achieve real results.

Some of our past lectures include:
Making Indie Games as a Profession
MAKING INDIE GAMES AS A PROFESSIONOvercoming the main challenges to take the leap from hobbyist to
full time indie developer.
Reaching Financial Sustainability as an indie developer
REACHING FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY AS AN INDIE DEVELOPERHow to structure a repeatable process to consistently finish games worth selling.
How to evaluate the demand for your game today
HOW TO EVALUATE THE DEMAND FOR YOUR GAME TODAYA step-by-step demonstration on how to dig the required data and estimate the revenue potential for your game.
Nowadays we deliver these lectures every week through Pro Indie Dev LIVE. If you’re interested, subscribe at the bottom of this page to receive a link every week!

Sometimes we also open spots to Pro Indie Dev’s paid advanced training, called “FGGS”. It is meant only for people who are really committed to making indie games for a living, and who are really willing to do the work to start having professional results out of their games. We have an INCREDIBLE success rate!

If you think you might be a good candidate, subscribe to be notified when we open a new class!
Who is behind Pro Indie Dev?

On a more daily basis, Pro Indie Dev is organized by indie veteran Gabriel Dal Santo.

But we prefer to open this section by thanking all our friends in the industry who have contributed their knowledge and experience to make our inaugural event such a huge success!
Here they are:
Edmund McMillen


Creator of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac

João da Silva


Creator of Canabalt, publisher of Night in the Woods

James Stone


Creator of Jump Gunners and Xenosis

Ron Carmel


Creator of World of Goo, co-founder of Indie Fund

Ryan Clark


Creator of Crypt of the Necrodancer

Tanya X. Short


Co-founder of Kitfox Games and creator of Moon Hunters



Legendary founder of Positech Games, creator of Democracy 3 and Production Line

Starlight Skyes


Twitch Partner, game artist and marketer

Mike Bithell


Creator of Thomas Was Alone

Xalavier Nelson Jr


Narrative designer and PC Gamer columnist

Lucy Blundell


Creator of One Night Stand

Jake Birkett


Creator of Shadowhand

Danilo Dias


Creator of Odallus

Eduardo Lahmut


Co-creator of 1M+ players Holodrive

Pedro Machado


Co-creator of No Place for Bravery

Nathan Hurde


Maker of Game Pencil Engine

Tim Ruswick


Gamedev youtuber and founder of Game Dev Underground

Gabriel Dal Santo


Founder of Pixel Cows and Pro Indie Dev

Lectures by Gabriel Dal Santo

About Gabriel Dal Santo 

Gabriel is a veteran game developer, public speaker
and consultant for indie 
studios. He is co-founder,
lead designer and business guy on b2b-focused
studio Pixel Cows, and actively participates in several
initiatives in the industry 
geared towards the
democratization of professional 
knowledge for
independent dev
elopers, including Game Dev World
(with Rami Ismail and others) and, of course, Pro Indie Dev.

To this day, Gabriel still personally writes all the emails
and runs all of our workshops and lectures!

Everything from Pro Indie Dev is delivered through email, and it is 100% free!

To participate, all you have to do is to register your email. You will receive about one email a week containing the link to that week's lecture. When there are free events, workshop or new openings for our advanced trainings, that's where you will learn about it too.

Register now and start improving your game's marketing, design, development time and many other things to start achieving professional results from your game development!

Change your results as a professional indie game developer

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