Earn up to US$ 5.000 per month making the game you want to make

100% free online training. June, 6th to 10th. Exclusive for indie developers
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Stop being afraid that your game won't sell
Make your game attractive and fast to develop and earn up to US$ 5.000 per month that you spend working on it.

Stop feeling lost and wondering if you are doing it the right way. Avoid 10 years of frustration and develop your game the same way the pros develop the games you admire.

5k Indiedev is an online, 100% free training that will take place from June 6th to 10th, 2022.
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Indies developers who want their games to be successful and make money
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Indie developers who can't finish their games
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Indies who want to earn a living from their games full time in a safe, responsible way

This training is for you:

  • If you don't have time because you work a full time job, but you already make games and want a realistic path to make it into a real profession that pays you a salary

  • You work on your games full time and need to start showing real results, fixing your blind spots and achieving what you set out to achieve 


The lessons are recorded and will be made available during the training week, so that you can watch them at the best time for you, according to this schedule:

  • Jun-6-2022      

    How to earn over US $5,000 a month making the game you want to make

    Make sure your game will be successful. Understand the most common mistakes made by non-professional devs, how the pros approach it and how much money YOU can realistically make.
  • Jun-8-2022      

    How to make your game attractive even if you are short on time and don't have any special talents

    It's not about talent or speed - it's about technique! Learn tricks that can be applied by anyone to boost their game's attractiveness while at the same time making it faster and easier to develop.
  • Jun-10-2022     

    The practical blueprint to make your game profitable

    Stop feeling lost and wondering if you are 'doing it right'. Learn to finish your game without sacrificing quality or your vision, make it naturally attractive and put it in front of hundreds of thousands of potential players.
The 5K Indiedev lectures will go offline after June, 10th at 23h. It won't be possible to watch them after that.

Therefore, make sure you watch the lessons on schedule! :)


Hey, there! Nice to meet you! I'm an indie game developer since 2008 and, with the help of some of the most successful indies ever, I founded Pro Indie Dev to help other indies have real results too.

When I started, my games failed to draw any attention - in fact, I couldn't even finish them! Having no concrete results to show, I felt judged and even wondered if I had what it took.

So I decided I would stop doing what the tutorials and tips on the internet told me to do, and start doing what the actual pros did - and that's how the game changed for me and I started finishing games, winning awards and being sustainable running my indie game studio the way I wanted.

That's why I founded Pro Indie Dev! So that you don't have to choose between abandoning your dream or going through 10 years of trial and error. I want to help you supercharge your ideas and be successful making the games that only you can make.

Are you in? :)