Learn the method that common indies are using to finish games and achieve results like the pros do
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João da Silva
Hi! I'm Gabriel Dal Santo, and I've been making games for 26 years (and doing so professionally since 2008). Through my own experience and by working closely with some of the most successful indie developers in the world, I have been developing, applying and teaching a methodology that helps indies learn the techniques that pros use to earn a sustainable living off of their games, without 'selling out' or having to work on games they don't like.

And while it's impossible to guarantee that every student will have the same results, this methodology was engineered to move you forward, no matter where you are, and has already produced INCREDIBLE results for dozens of developers!

Back when I started, I already had a strong background in marketing and business, so tested a bunch of techniques over the years. But I was also a nobody in the games industry, so there were YEARS of trial and error before I had enough experience to exchange with the best in our field!

After much hard work, today I am proud to say that my studio shipped 9 commercial games in different markets, platforms and sizes, and impacted the lives of tens of thousands of indie developers all around the world through the Pro Indie Dev initiative.

After years of working with some of the most recognized and talented indies in the world, I decided to share what I know with other indies who want to start having their games not only as a hobby, but as an actual, financially successful profession - even if they cannot afford US$ 2.000 to go to GDC every year (and happen to sit on the right tables).

So, if you're looking for professional methods that are used by the top indie developers in the world to ensure you are on the right track, you've found it!
Now, you can apply these strategies yourself.

Take a look at the experience of my students:

Essential knowledge you can’t find anywhere else, right from the start:


Start making money from your games - or improve your results:


It’s like having me by your side, as you develop and sell your games:

So, what exactly is FGGS?

João da Silva
FGGS stands for “Finishing Good Games that Sell”, and is my complete training on professional indie game development.

Now, the same methods employed by some of the most successful indies in the industry are organized in a single, super-optimized framework for you to start applying immediately.

It is engineered from the ground up to transform your indie game development into an actual profession that generates money and high quality games that people want to buy and play.

Restore your pleasure in working in games by employing a repeatable framework that is extremely optimized, so that you can focus on doing what you like the most, while being sure that you are setting yourself up for success.

Get access now to a fast and complete step-by-step process to get real results from your gamedev.

FGGS is organized in three main stages...

a feasible, highly attractive game
(or get an existing project back on track)

in the smartest possible way

to the largest possible audience


How does it work, exactly?

One common question that I get is:

“Will this work for me?”

And my answer is a resounding YES!

No matter where you are in your indie dev journey, FGGS will push you forward, by continuously boosting your XP and levelling you up in all aspects of making indie games as a profession.

It’s not a tutorial or a Udemy course… It is a COMPLETE STRATEGY, from beginning to end, for conceiving smart, attractive games that YOU can finish (or putting existing projects back on track), developing them using high leverage techniques, and selling them using the same methods that publishers and professional PR agencies do (pro tip: it’s not about tweeting screenshots and hoping for the best!) :)

It’s made for indies, by indies. I also run a game studio and I know we don’t have time to lose, so everything in FGGS is tailored to make it easy for you to apply immediately.

The developers who apply FGGS range from beginners all the way to indies who have run 100K+ dollar Kickstarter campaigns or are fully funded by publishers.

The reason why it works for any game in any genre, even if you are not the greatest artist or programmer in the universe, is because it’s based on solid, time-proven marketing techniques, project management methods and business strategies. If you are just starting out, it will get you started on your right foot. If you are a veteran, it will boost your results by fixing the blind spots that are keeping you from getting the results you want.

  • In the lessons, I show exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • In the closed FGGS community, students share their results of applying the method and their hard-earned battlefield experience, so that the whole group can level up from each other's experiences.
  • And I’m there too all along, answering doubts and doing my very best to help you achieve your goals.

Learn what really makes players and press care about a game (or completely ignore it).
Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!


How you will start having PROFESSIONAL RESULTS for your games?

In the complete FGGS training, I show everything you must know, from foundational strategies all the way to very advanced techniques on generating and greenlighting ideas; planning smartly; plugging in irresistible traits to make your game easy to sell down the line; developing it in a straightforward and pragmatic way; promoting like a pro (even if you choose to work with a publisher), and selling it.

It then cycles back to the Career Algorithm, that has you planning a sequence of achievable, smartly-conceived games that build up in the direction of your dream game, all the way having you launching games, making money, and building up technology, experience, reputation and followers.

In this training you will learn the whole deal, bit by bit, and in a few weeks you may be the next indie to have your life and your game transformed by FGGS!

You will learn, step by step, how to:

Finish games in a pragmatic way
Identify which types of games are profitable and are very aligned with your skills
Going full time indie in a safe way
Marketing that works even if you don't have followers or money
Publishers, Kickstarter, investors: how to get money to develop your game, what to do and when
Staying motivated while working alone
Recruiting / keeping a team
How do you find where your audience is hiding - there are people who would LOVE your game, but where are they?
How do you talk to them?
How do you find the journalists that really want to cover your game?
How do you make people buy your game?

Everything you need to start getting PRO RESULTS today...
100% online access to all lessons tailored to conceive ideas that are actually smart for new or existing projects, develop it pragmatically towards your vision and selling to the broadest possible audience.

The lessons cover the correct execution of FGGS, step by step, and are made easier to explore when coupled with an online community and full support from me.

Discover the types of games that are a perfect match for you and generate dozens of ideas that are actually feasible (even for on going projects)

  • Which types of games are a good match for you
  • Where is your audience and what do they want
  • ATTENTION MAGNETS and Anti-Magnets
  • How to intervene on an existing project to put it back on track

Master a very straightforward development strategy that is engineered to get as much done as possible with as little time as possible

  • How to actually FINISH games!
  • The Dev Timeline - a super optimized step-by-step process to get your game to the finish line
  • Finding the fun and building on it
  • Production Hacks that all the pros use and few ever talk about

Spend LESS time on marketing by not working on the low leverage activities that most indies do, and go straight to the jugular of what really drives sales

  • How to do better marketing than most publishers (even if you are a one man operation)
  • How to get the press to talk about you and your game
  • How to really drive sales and make money consistently

Get dramatic speed improvements in your projects by employing professional Production Hacks that all pros use, but few ever discuss.

Learn what should be the next thing to focus on for you, as well as a long term plan to build up your studio, by applying the Career Algorithm.

- How to stay motivated while working alone
- How to leverage on existing audiences to build up an initial group of super fans that will help you playtest and will promote your game for you
- Develop a smart art style that leverages on your strenghts and is perceived as highly polished
- How to find the emails of the journalists that are more likely to cover your game

To keep up with the ever-changing market, FGGS is also being constantly updated. Modules currently being recorded:

- How to recruit (and keep) a team
- Don’t wait to be picked; choose the publisher that you want to work with 
After that, it's not possible to join anymore so that we can focus on receiving our new students