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There is a game that only you can make.
And that game deserves to exist!

Making indie games as a profession is not easy, but as any successful developer could tell you - it CAN BE DONE!

For the first time ever, the world's top indie developers have come together to share with you their knowledge and even some of their secrets! No matter where you live, or if you don't have money to attend big industry events... All of these talks will be presented, free of charge, on the 1st Global Conference on Professional Indie Game Development.

By purchasing the Supporter Pack, you are helping us make this knowledge available to everyone, and showing your support to this initiative. You are also getting ALL of the recordings to watch as many times as you want, + transcripts and mp3 versions.

We know that you will be able to finish games. We know you can transform your game making into a healthy, fun and sustainable profession. We know there is an awesome game that only you can make. And it DESERVES to exist!

Listen to what the top developers have to say on how you can transform your game making into a solid, fun and sustainable profession. You will get:

All of the recordings, just as they happen on the online event

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As a reference, attending to big industry events and having access to these talks could easily cost over US$2,000 - specially if you consider plane tickets and lodging!

We believe that information that has the power to transform lives should be accessible. That's why all of these talks were exhibited for free at the live Pro Indie Dev 2018 event.

The Support Pack is a way to show us that you share our belief, and help us make knowledge like this available for thousands of people!

Besides accessing all of the Pro Indie Dev Conference contents, you will also receive 3 exclusive bonuses:

1. MP3 versions of every talk and interview

2. Transcript versions of every talk and interview

3. Access to our By Invitation-Only Community on Facebook. That’s where I receive all the PID Supporters to share knowledge, tips, frustrations, and most specially joys and motivation! It is really important to be surrounded by people who are on about the same level as you, and just as committed as you. This is where useful conversation and real help happens!

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"It really helps with keeping your feet on the ground about the game development/shipping process. It's not 100% magic. It shows you how to evaluate how viable your idea/project is, how to do product and marketing analysis, how to analyze feedback, among other things."
Fábio Goto
I assumed I needed years to build a successful game. I learned from Jump Gunners and others that you can come up with a fun idea and polish it over a few months, and have a game worth publishing. Takes focus, dedication, and some help too. Pro Indie Dev helped me with all that.
Kenny Drobnack
It was truly inspiring to learn how successful indies reached and exceeded their goals. These talks are a great resource and source of inspiration that I continue to revisit. When offered the Supporter Pack, I jumped at the chance. It was very reasonably priced, and I wanted to support the efforts of the organizers.
Mike Schmidt
When I saw the list of speakers I immediately got intrigued! Such a diverse bunch of people, some of whom I’d been actively seeking advice from. I bought the pack so that I can listen and re-listen to the talks. It's eye-opening, and was totally worth it. They helped me a lot, and I look forward to become active in this community!
Before Pro Indie Dev I was just constantly coming up with ideas for games, but forever postponing making them reality. This changed with PID. Amazing talks and lessons helped me moving forward in evaluating my game ideas. Today, I have 3 solid GDDs, and soon I'll start my first commercial game project. Wish me luck!
Roman Luks
I am from Latin America, where growth opportunities are more rare, but the PID talks helped me understand my reality, manage my anxiety and understand my game as a business opportunity and not only an artistic pastime. I hope Pro Indie Dev gets stronger year after year, and that the community that it started continues to grow!
Martiniano Bergoglio

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