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Pro Indie Dev is a free, independent, self-funded initiative supported by some of the most prominent indie game developers in the industry and led by Gabriel Dal Santo.

Through free game development conferences, consulting and training, we've helped thousands of developers to learn game development, finish games, market them, make money and stay independent.

Pro Indie Dev Live is the latest iteration on this initiative, and if you want to get into gamedev or improve your results to professional levels, this is where you wanna be! :)

How to benefit from Pro Indie Dev:

Pro Indie Dev Live is made of 3 components:

1. Weekly live lectures + email reminder
2. Resources and 1-on-1 Q&A through social media 
3. "Starter Track" lectures to get you up to speed

Scroll down to understand and get access to each one:

Lectures by Gabriel Dal Santo
1. Weekly Live Lectures

This is how we will help you plan, develop and market games effectively, so that you can make it a real, sustainable profession.

- These lectures are free and made available on our Youtube channel every Sunday, 6 PM UTC.

- Once aired, they remain available for an entire week before being taken offline. This gives everyone a chance to participate in that week's discussion!

- To make sure you don't miss any lectures, we highly recommend subscribing to the channel and activating notifications by clicking on the bell.

- To allow you to catch the lecture live or watch it later that week, we'll send an email with the link. Although we rarely open spots for our advanced trainings, this is where you will hear about that too, so scroll down to the end of this page and register your email to make sure you don't miss it.

How to Take Benefit From Pro Indie Dev
2. Resources and 1-on-1 Q&A on social media

Ask us anything related to professional indie game development through a direct message on Instagram and Gabriel will answer individually to you!

As an initial setup, we suggest following us now on these profiles and change it later if you want:
3. Starter Track lectures

Every week we cover one important topic to allow you to learn, master and monetize your games. But some foundations are essential to everyone, so these lectures are always available. If you don't know where to start, watch these, but also follow on the social media profiles and email because we might be covering something that is exactly what is needed for your game right now!
How to avoid missing future lectures

Social media / Youtube notifications are helpful, but the safest way to ensure you are notified in time is through email, so every week we will send a "We are live" email with the correct link to that weeks' lecture, which you can also use to watch it later that week.

This is the last step!

So don't forget to register through the form below and we will see you next Sunday! :)

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